Equal Opportunity Pledge

The mission of the “A Compétence Egale” (“Equal Opportunity”) association is to promote the principle of equal opportunity in recruiting consulting services and to encourage the sharing of best practices in terms of equal opportunity among its members.

The association is made up of recruiting consulting firms that are committed to these values.

Each association member is committed to actively fighting discrimination in any form during every step of the recruitment process, primarily by applying all of the founding principles in the “Equal Opportunity” Ethics Pledge outlined below.

New members are required to adhere to this Ethics Pledge in order to be admitted to the association.

By signing this Pledge, each member firm of the Equal Opportunity association agrees to :

  • Educate and train all their team members in how to fight discrimination and promote equal opportunity in recruiting.

  • Assist and train their consultants so they will be prepared to answer their clients’ questions on equal opportunity principles and reject any discriminatory requests.

  • Strive to ensure transparency and objectivity in how applicant files are handled in every step of the recruiting process.

  • Appoint an Equal Opportunity Representative who will ensure that these principles are being appropriately applied and act as a resource for applicants, clients and consultants on ethical issues.

  • Refuse during the entire selection process (questionnaire – interview – database – introductory note to the client) to collect and/or take into account any data that is not required or directly relevant to evaluating an applicant’s professional skills and/or his or her ability to occupy the open position, and that could be used for purposes other than evaluating an applicant’s performance.

  • Perform regular audits on the quality of the applicant selection procedures and the performance of recruiting assignments carried out within the company through an independent auditing service, the “Equal Opportunity” Representative or outside organizations in order to guarantee that no applicants are–or may be–rejected for discriminatory reasons.

  • Regularly & immediately inform applicants of their right to access, modify and withdraw their application.

  • Handle any complaints or claims submitted by applicants who believe they have been discriminated against.

  • Ensure the proper application of these commitments within teams.

  • Share with all members the best practices that have allowed the company to fight discrimination in all its forms.

  • Put in place practices aimed at actively fighting discrimination (such as self-testing or an anonymous application system) depending on legal advances.

  • Draw up a public annual report on the activities implemented during the year as part of the fight against discrimination and the promotion of equal opportunity principles.