Quality Pledge to our Applicants

  • We will ask an applicant to accept a new position only when we truly and deeply believe that the position represents an advancement and a development opportunity for the applicant.

  • In every step of the recruiting process, we will strive to ensure transparency and objectivity in how applicant files are handled.

  • Bound by the rules of professional secrecy, we undertake to maintain the confidentiality of the information communicated to us by applicants.

  • During the selection process, we refuse to collect and/or take into account any data that is not required or directly relevant to evaluating an applicant’s professional skills.

  • Interviews will be based on respect for back-and-forth communication. Consultants undertake to use only analytical techniques that are duly proven and mastered.

  • We will keep our applicants updated of developments in the recruiting process.

  • We will immediately inform applicants of their right to access, modify and withdraw their application.

  • We will only verify references after receiving prior approval from our applicants.

  • We will support our applicants as they are integrated into their new company.

  • We will remain available to evaluate their progress in subsequent years.

Our clients also agree to respect our applicants by :

  • Carefully reviewing the applicant profiles sent by the firm and ignoring any discriminatory data.

  • Describing open positions as precisely and accurately as possible.

  • Providing reliable information on the context and environment in which positions are carried out.

  • Setting meaningful deadlines for scheduling interviews and providing follow-up.

  • Performing quality interviews.

The quality of our relationships with our clients and applicants is our guarantee for our future partners.