Quality Charter to our Clients

  • We will only accept an assignment when we truly and deeply believe that we can complete it within a reasonable timeframe, as agreed in advance with our client.

  • We make a mutual commitment to maintain the confidentiality of the assignment itself, the information provided to us by the company and the information we provide to our clients regarding our applicants.

  • Throughout an assignment, consultants will keep their client regularly and accurately informed of how the assignment is progressing.

  • We agree never to approach applicants working for our clients during the entire duration of our partnership and not to poach applicants that we have recruited for our clients.

We commit to using non-discriminatory methods in every step of the recruitment process by :

  • Training all team members in how to fight discrimination and promote equal opportunity in recruiting.

  • Supporting and training our consultants on how to educate their clients on equal opportunity issues.

  • Rejecting any discriminatory requests.

  • Performing regular audits on the quality of our applicant selection procedures using an independent auditing service in order to guarantee that no applicants are or may be rejected based on discriminatory reasons.

The quality of our relationships with our clients and applicants is our guarantee for our future partners.